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    Hilltops Academy

    Welcome to Hilltops Knowledge Village this is where excellence is 1% inspiration but 99% perspiration in the promise that it may not be easy; but it’s possible and worth it. So has it been to us.

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    Culture Day

    All the cultural originality of the different communities living in Ethiopia is brought to the fore and core.

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    Fruit day


Message from Managing Director

Updated Date: October 1, 2018 10:59 pm

It is a great pleasure sharing with you many of the exceptional qualities which make Hilltops Academy a quality school. However, our school is much more than words on a page, it is about people and especially our children.

As a school of Academic Excellence and character building we always put children first. This important Characteristics remains at the heart of our vision. Every child is unique. Every child deserves the opportunity to be happy, feel valued and experience success. If , in future years, our chil
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