Hilltops is much more than words on a page…

It is a great pleasure sharing with you many of the exceptional qualities which make Hilltops Academy a quality school. However, our school is much more than words on a page, it is about people and especially our children.

As a school of Academic Excellence and character building we always put children first. This important Characteristics remains at the heart of our vision. Every child is unique. Every child deserves the opportunity to be happy, feel valued and experience success. If , in future years, our children look back and say that Hilltops Academy made a positive difference to their lives then we, as professionals and parents, will have succeeded.

I mention parents too, because education is about partnerships. Strong, committed partnerships between our school and our parents play a crucial role in our children’s development into young adults. By working together, we will give your child the best start in life.

We have excellent staff committed to the ideals within our overall vision. It is staff that reflect the very best of classroom practice and who, quite simply, enjoy their profession. We teach our children, we learn with them, we talk with them and we celebrate their success with them.

I believe passionately that if you come and visit our school, you will experience the happy, inclusive ethos and excitement of learning that exists within our school community.